Course and Program Numbering

Understanding Course Numbering 

  • Courses under 1000 are considered remedial; courses above 4999 are considered graduate level.
  • An elementary course is broad and introductory while being highly structured with multiple means of assessing student work. Most General Education CLAS Core courses are in this category. Some elementary courses are numbered below 10000-2999 but most are numbered 1000-1999.
  • An intermediate course generally is not open to first-year students but is considered best suited for second-year students. These courses often require prerequisite(s) or assume prior knowledge and are often numbered from 1999-2999. However, some areas use courses numbered 3000-3999 to indicate intermediate to advanced offerings.
  • An advanced course ordinarily is for students earning a major, minor, or certificate in the academic area; it requires prior knowledge or prerequisites; and focuses on a particular topic or specific area of knowledge within a discipline; it is often numbered as 4000-4999.