Why Attend MTECH

Seriously...what does MTECH have that others don't?

Less Student Debt - get marketable skills to confidently land a job without having the level of student debt found in traditional colleges and universities.

Quicker Completion Times - 4 or even 8 years is great if your field requires it. But if you are looking to start a well paying job you need training focused on just what you need to know to get trained and certified and then get working.

Our Numbers Have Oversight - We can't just make up graduation counts and fiddle with job placement numbers. If a program we offer is not performing well or there is no need for it in our region we stop offering it and start training for careers that are in demand now.

Top 10 Reasons To Attend A Technical College

1. Great-paying careers in two years or less. Two-thirds of the fastest growing occupations require technical education.

2. Strong job placement. 92% of MTECH graduates are employed in their field of study.

3. Affordable tuition means less debt. MTECH has some of the lowest tuition among public post-secondary institutions. Convenient locations often eliminate the need for room and board, saving you thousands of dollars. The ability to receive your training in less time also results in major cost savings.

4. More career choices than ever. MTECH offers more than 40 programs from which to choose at several campus locations.

5. Flexible class scheduling. Class scheduling is very adaptable for students who have busy work schedules or family responsibilities.

6. Instructors with real-world experience. Helping students learn is our top priority, with college instructors bringing a wealth of “real-world” work experience to the classroom.

7. Hands-on learning. Students are provided with “real-world” environments and experiences to prepare themselves for their careers.

8. Smaller class size. Smaller class sizes allow for more one-on-one interaction with instructors and more personal attention for students.

9. Great faculty, staff and students. Meet friendly people and broaden your social horizons. Take part in lively classroom discussions and activities.

10. Credit transfer to four-year programs. An agreement with the Utah Valley University allows the smooth transfer of credits from many technical college programs.

Strong Fundamentals 
Focused on fundamentals to set a strong foundation for training.

Current Training Tools  
Programs are taught using relevant and current equipment.

Planned Curriculum  
Built by experienced professionals, programs are organized and progressive.

Hands On  
Focus on overall learning experience in addition to strong hands-on labs.

Event based  
Various events are organised in the course for an overall learning experience.

Learning  Exposure  
This is not just a training program but an overall learning experience.

Test Exercises   
Advanced level exercises are built in the course.

 Overall Learning
This is not just a course but an overall learning experience.

 Advanced Exercises
Advanced level exercises are built in the course.

 One to One interaction
Student Instructor one to one interaction in the course.

 Live Labs
Students are exposed to live practical labs and learning from practicals.

 Focus on Details
Course specialises in focussng on minute details in the subject.

 Experiential Learning
Focus on overall learning experience, this course is task based.

 Student Focused
Built by experienced faculty, it is a time bound course

Hands-on Experience: You Need It, We Provide It.

Our instructors have industry experience and use that to leverage a better training experience.

Low Cost, Affordable Tuition: We Have That Too.

Our tuition rates are the lowest you’ll find. Premium education without the premium costs.

Career Placement: All Roads Lead To Employment

Our programs, our training and our instructors all have one goal. Get you trained and get you employed.