All students must take the
MTECH Entrance Assessment

*High school students must be at least 16 yrs old AND a Junior to apply.
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Hands-on Experience:
You Need It, We Provide it

Our instructors have years of industry experience and use that to leverage a better training experience.

Low Cost, Affordable Tuition:
We Have That Too

Our tuition rates are the lowest you’ll find. Premium education without the premium costs.

Career Placement:
All Roads Lead To Employment

Our programs, our training and our instructors all have one goal. Get you trained and get you employed.

Automotive Technology

The Maintenance and Light Repair course is a pre-requisite for all other courses. It must be taken first.
Students can take the full program or individual programs. Individual programs may be taken in any order.

Nurse Assistant for Upper Valley High School Students 
If you are a student at Park City High School, North Summit High School or South Summit High School and want to take the Nurse Assistant Class, please see your high school counselor for more information.