MTECH New Student Orientation

By participating in our Orientation course, first time students will:

  • Successfully complete the application and registration process
  • Understand the requirements met by each class in their first semester schedule
  • Be knowledgeable about contact information so that future questions may be directed appropriately

Transitioning to a college environment is a process. In light of this, it is our hope that by participating in this orientation, students will increase their understanding and knowledge of resources on campus to help them manage this transition. In addition, we hope that this orientation will assist first-time students with gaining insight and appreciation of:

  • Campus resources and services available to them
  • The skills and competencies necessary to be successful academically including listening and note taking skills
  • The rights and responsibilities associated with being a part of MATC student body
  • Beginning to understand:
    • The terminology and language used at MATC
    • Their academic requirements and expectations
  • Feeling comfortable on campus

Our sincere goal is to get you in, get you trained and get you employed.