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Take a few minutes and learn how to use Canvas! You will be more efficient and have better success in your courses. Do yourself a favor, take 30 minutes and invest in yourself.

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How To Get Help With Canvas
Need Canvas Support? If you have questions about your course curriculum, quizzes, exams or assignments, please contact your instructor using the HELP feature inside of Canvas and then select “Ask Your Instructor A Question”.

Additional Learning Resources 
No one likes to read big technical manuals so here are a few suggestions for learning Canvas.

  1. Poke around. You can’t really break anything and sometimes just clicking around the screen and exploring can teach you more than a demonstration can.  Be brave and explore!
  2. Use the Student Guides.
  3. Google it. There are hundreds of people answering hundreds of questions by students just like you.  Just learn how to phrase your question using keywords and you’ll get better results.  Try using search phrasing like “Instructure Canvas ___________” where the blank is what you are trying to figure out.  Search youtube for recent videos.